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Comit Network aim to be your partner for defining, designing and implementing a specific IT strategy.  Where IT investment meets both the your short and long term needs. Making IT pay, it's way.

Computer Back Office Systems Impact Profit

bulletStarting Point

The starting point to managing and control of your IT system effectively, is an IT strategy.  This is part of the overall business plan.  Just like the marketing or financial strategy.  All of which have a direct impact on profit.

bulletEffective IT Strategy

An effective IT strategy is the tool to achieve continuing success as your business grows.  We will create a strategy, in line with your present and future business requirements.  Then translate this into the appropriate solution. Products and software.  To provide the building blocks for a scaleable business solution, cost effectively. 


Strategy for Cost Effective Solutions

bulletFormulate a value adding IT strategy for your business, within the business plan 
bulletBusiness analysis. Then IT solutions to support business needs
bulletRoll out of electronic mail (Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook) 
bulletSecurity Audit of systems
bulletIndependent software selection
bulletIntegration of old and new systems
bulletDesign and installation of computer networks
bulletProject management
bulletProviding scaleable business solutions, cost effectively


bulletYour problem: Computers not talking.  Need quicker email communications?
bulletOur solution: We make them talk. The same language, fast.
bulletBenefit: You do business better. Make IT pay, it's way.


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