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Networking will lead to greater efficiency, higher growth and reduced costs to your organization.  Talking and working together, increases productivity. So the whole is worth more than the separate parts.

Network Benefits

bulletIntegration of old and new: computers and software
bulletReduced office equipment costs
bulletIncreased employee productivity
bulletReduced communication costs
bulletSaves time

Example Network Solutions

bulletExample 1

Through planning, design, installation, configuration and maintenance of computer networks. With client-server networks. Using Microsoft Windows 2008 or Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2011.

We can provide the following options:

bulletshare network resources such as printers, faxes, modems and information folders
bulletinternal & external e-mail
bulletall to a single Internet connection
bulletinstall and configure firewall protection
bulletcentral information stores and backup solutions


Network Power Solutions

bulletNetwork Business Applications
bulletElectronic mail (Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook) 
bulletDiary Time management - MS Outlook
bulletInternet access control
bulletInternet Security - MS Proxy Server or Firewall
bulletSystem security - MS Small Business Server, Windows
bulletCustomer Relationship Management - MS Outlook
bulletVirus control - Avast AntiVirus Business
bulletBackup stored information - Images
bulletNetwork Design & Installation
bulletBy connecting the office computers. The people are more importantly connected. Colleagues and customers.
bulletLocal Area Network LAN Company intranet 
bulletWide Area Network WAN 
bulletVirtual Private Networks VPN 
bulletConnecting main offices to remote offices or road warriors
bulletResources more productive

Everyone has quicker, more convenient access to the resources they need.  Saves on additional equipment purchases. By sharing the same network printers, fax and modems.

bulletTimely information

We make equipment talk the same language. To communicate useful information, on demand.  This electronic information and email. Also saves paper, postage and storage costs.

bulletInternet and e-mail

Connection to the largest network, the Internet. Enables e-mail from colleagues and customers plus the opportunities of the Web. Bringing closer relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


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